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Off-the-Shoulder Half Top with Butterfly Sleeves - BLACK
6871 Off-the-Shoulder Half Top with Butterfly Sleeves - BLACK
25 Yard Tribal Gypsy Belly Dance Skirt - YELLOW / ORANGE / RED
6777 25 Yard Tribal Gypsy Belly Dance Skirt - YELLOW / ORANGE / RED
Frosted Aluminum Rhinestone Bangles Set - WHITE
6958 Frosted Aluminum Rhinestone Bangles Set - WHITE
1Cotton Tribal 7 Yard Gypsy Skirt - TURQUOISE BLUE TIE DYE
2Isis Wings Belly Dance Costume Prop (Closed-Back) - GOLD
3Arabesque Metal Head Piece with Coins & Jewels - SILVER / DARK PURPLE - The World's Largest Belly Dance Superstore

Welcome to, the largest online belly dance shopping destination. We pride ourselves on providing the best products for belly dance beginners through professionals and strive to fit every customer's needs with our broad selection of belly dance supplies. In addition to our belly dance apparel, we offer instructional books and videos as well as an eclectic mix of belly dance music to fuel your practices or performances. Begin or continue your journey in belly dance with us and know that we are dedicated to servicing you and the global bellydance community. Browse our products and product categories today!

Featured Categories

belly dance costumes

Belly Dance costumes for Egyptian, cabaret, tribal, Gypsy, Turkish & fusion styles

Bras & Tops
belly dance bras

Belly dance bras & choli tops for all styles with sequins, coins, shells, and fringe

Hip Scarves
belly dance hipscarves

Belly dance hip scarves with coins, beads, or fringe on chiffon, velvet, or lace

Tribal & Gypsy
belly dance tribal

Tribal belly dance pants, skirts, bras, costumes, jewelry for ATS and fusion styles

belly dance pants

Harem pants, belly dance pants, genie pants, and pants for Tribal and fusion

belly dance skirts

Belly dance skirts, Tribal skirts, and Gypsy skirts, for belly dancing costumes

belly dance belts

Belly dance belts, coin belts, tribal belly dance belts, and dance belts for all styles

belly dance jewelry

Belly dance jewelry, tribal jewelry, belly chains, coin jewelry, bindi and face veils

Veils & Wings
belly dance veils

Belly dance veils: silk, chiffon, semi-circle, petite, plus Isis Wings & fan veils

Finger Cymbals
belly dance finger cymbals

Finger cymbals for bellydancing, zills, sagat, in gold, silver, or bronze color

Goddess Size
belly dance plus size

Plus size belly dance wear: harem pants, tribal pants, bras & tops, costumes

belly dance kids

Kids belly dance costumes, hip scarves, jewelry, and Bollywood dance costumes

Featured Belly Dancing Items

Arabian Princess Girls Belly Dancer / Bollywood Costume - DARK PINK
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Beaded Egyptian Cleopatra Costume Collar with Scarabs
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Chiffon Skull & Crossbones Bracelets with Coins (PAIR): GOLD
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Cotton Tribal 7 Yard Gypsy Skirt - WHITE TIE DYE
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Gypsy Rose Pirate Skull & Crossbones Earrings - GOLD
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Hissing Cobra Metal Arm Band - GOLD
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Metal Coin Headpiece with Large Medallion - SILVER
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Skull & Crossbones Sheer Chiffon Halter Top with Coins - GOLD
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Skulls & Crossbones Chiffon Belly Dance Hip Scarf with Coins - GOLD
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Skulls & Crossbones Chiffon Belly Dance Hip Scarf with Coins - SILVER
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Sultan Jafar Turban Mens Headwear - BLACK / SILVER
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Webbed Spider Necklace - BLACK / HEMATITE
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About offers a wide selection of the top belly dancing products, apparel, accessories and more. We offer apparel in Egyptian, Tribal, Cabaret, Fusion and Bollywood designs as well as offer jewelry, accessories and more keeping your belly dance wardrobe eclectic as well as practical. Experience the beautiful construction and design of our hand-made belly dance costumes or pick up casual wear for rehearsals and class. We also offer plus size products and we are constantly including new products into our inventory. is endorsed, partnered with and patronized by leading belly dancers, instructors, groups and more.

Thank you for choosing as your belly dance shopping destination and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Our phone lines and live customer support centers are staffed by belly dance experts who are waiting to guide you to what you are looking for or answer your inquiries about group, quantity, or wholesale discounts.