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Babelesque - Bellydance Superstars - CD

Babelesque - Bellydance Superstars - CD

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Babelesque is a merger of many musical styles, yet maintaining a general focus of the rhythms and melodies emanating from the Middle East. The songs were chosen for their inspiration to dance and form the basic soundtrack to the sensational Bellydance Superstars show. Music that offers fresh new sounds and rhythms while being accessible to the Western ear is the recipe for an enriching and uplifting musical experience. That is Babelesque in its essence. May you enjoy it for 1,001 nights and beyond.

  1. Pharonic Odyessey - Paul Dinletir  
  2. Warda - Asena  
  3. Sedur - Asena  
  4. Asena - Asena  
  5. Desert Fish - Oojami  
  6. Abdel Khader - Tres Mundos  
  7. Lilli S'En Fout - Toufic Farroukh  
  8. Dub Pause Pan - Riddum Please  
  9. Kalam ala Meen - Saad  
  10. Wadah - Latifa  
  11. Dawn in the City - Pentaphobe  
  12. Mihiavai - Grands Ballets De Tahiti  

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