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Bal Anat: Ya Sallem - Suhaila Salimpour - CD

Bal Anat: Ya Sallem - Suhaila Salimpour - CD

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Suhaila Salimpour presents Bal Anat - Yal Sallem: Belly Dance Music for Performance

By request, Ahmad Doughan and Ziad Islambouli reinterpreted music for Bal Anat. The result is a fresh and modern approach to these well-known compositions, but still with that earthy Bal Anat feel. Great for Belly Dance performance and practice.

  • 1. Nai Solo Lagetik Weldenyie Leil
  • 2. Lahjor Gasrak Laktob Awrak El Shajar Ya Habaybi
  • 3. Rahhala
  • 4. Gib El Mijwiz Zayeno El Saha
  • 5. Lala Lah Lala
  • 6. Mizmar and Tabla Solo
  • 7. Yaba Yaba Lah Bibik Dibayke
  • 8. El Zeina Libsit Khilkhala
  • 9. Saalooni El Nas
  • 10. Percussion Solo
  • 11. Drum Solo
Ziad Islambouli: Lead Tabla, Tabla Balady, Doholla, Mazhars Katem, Bandir, Daff.
Ahmad Doughan: Oud, Bouzok, Lead Vocal.
Mohammad Zaza: Lead Mezmar, Lead Nai, Vocal 2.
Mostafa Jaber: Nai 2, Kawala.
Omar Safa: Mezmar 2. 

Music Arrangement: Ziad Islambouli and Ahmad Doughan. Mastering: Ziad Islambouli and Ahmad Doughan. Additional Mastering: Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland, CA. Photography: Pixie Vision. Album Design: Janet Daghri, Arc Graphic Design.

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