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Becoming a Belly Dancer: From Student to Stage - BOOK

Becoming a Belly Dancer: From Student to Stage - BOOK

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"Becoming a Belly Dancer: From Student to Stage" is a stagecraft handbook written by Sara Shrapnell, Dawn Devine, Alisha Westerfeld, and Poppy Maya.  It is 402 pages of advice, tips, strategies and beautiful photos, with the aim of helping every belly dancer, at every level, improve their performances.

Chapter Summaries:
Chapter one : Learning the Craft - Defining the styles of belly dance, selecting a teacher, attending workshops, home practice and goal setting
Chapter two : Mind over Matter - Motivation, stage fright, rehearsing, malfunctions, critique and evaluation.
Chapter three : Five layers of Personal Appearance - Getting a put together look, from costuming to jewelry, make up and hair.
Chapter four : Wardrobing Strategies - Putting together  a working wardrobe, making wise purchases, selling costumes, storage and packing.
Chapter five : Sounding Good - All things musical.  Selecting music, editing, and planning a performance set.
Chapter six : Performances and Venues - The variety of venues, planning performances and being the perfect dancer for every venue.
Chapter seven : Etiquette, Ethics and Staying Safe - Class rules, social norms and protecting yourself and those around you.
Chapter eight : Sharing it with the world - Marketing, promotions, photographs, business cards and web sites.
Chapter nine : Going Pro - The realities of dancing for a living, and other ways to make money from dance.
Chapter ten: Simple Costuming Projects - Instructions and inspirations for full bedlah, belts, skirts, dresses and a cover up.

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