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Velvet Hip Scarf with Beads & Coins - TURQUOISE / SILVER
6176 Velvet Hip Scarf with Beads & Coins - TURQUOISE / SILVER
Metallic Temporary Tattoo - CLEOPATRA
6627 Metallic Temporary Tattoo - CLEOPATRA
Temporary Tattoo - DUNIYA - Gold / Turquoise / Blue
6617 Temporary Tattoo - DUNIYA - Gold / Turquoise / Blue
1Bollywood Gypsy Ruffle Costume Pants - YELLOW / GOLD
2Classic Belly Dance Coin Anklet - SILVER
3128-Coin Wave Pattern Chiffon Belly Dance Hip Scarf - RED / SILVER
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Books is proud to offer a variety of belly dancing books. From costuming step by step guides to basic Arabic language to stories from the Middle East, we strive to provide printed works that are both educational and entertaining. Many of our belly dance books are also make great gifts!
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Costuming From the Hip - BOOK
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Embellished Bras by Dawn Devine Brown - BOOK
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Grandmother's Secrets: The Ancient Rituals & Healing Power of Belly Dancing - BOOK
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Beauty and the East: A Book of Oriental Body Care - BOOK
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Bedlah, Baubles, and Beads - BOOK
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From Turban to Toe Ring - BOOK
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Skirting the Issues & Pants for the Dance - BOOK
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DRAMA QUEEN Technique & Emotion Cards - CARDS
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Egyptian Music Appreciation & Practice for Bellydancers - CD set
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The Belly Dance Reader (from Gilded Serpent) - BOOK
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The Belly Dance Handbook by Princess Farhana - BOOK
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American Tribal Style Classic, Vol. 1 by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and Kristine L. Adams - BOOK
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Teaching Belly Dance by Sara Shrapnell - BOOK
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The Belly Dance Reader 2 (from Gilded Serpent) - BOOK
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The Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut by Dawn Devine - BOOK
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Serpent of the Nile - Women and Dance in the Arab World - BOOK
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Mezze Modern: Appetizers from Greece, Lebanon, & Turkey - BOOK (hardback)
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Our belly dance books are immensely helpful in your journey through the styles, costumes and culture of the Arabic world. Can't find the belly dance book you are looking for? Contact our customer service department with your questions. Also check out our wide selection of instructional belly dance DVDs and Bellydance Music CDs.