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Coconut Fans Earrings by CocoLoco - COCONUT

Coconut Fans Earrings by CocoLoco - COCONUT

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The coconuts used for these beautiful organic earrings are acquired from local farmers in Central and South America. What is not pressed for coconut oil is utilized for this form of art and income. The various pigmentation on these coconut earrings are the natural color tones found on the coconut's shell. They are held onto the ear by a thin coconut post that wedges through the small holes on the earrings.  The post fits a standard size piercing, rarely causes irritation and is a great alternative for people who are sensitive to metallic earrings.

Coco Loco specializes in hand-carved, organic jewelry made from natural materials such as coconut, exotic hardwoods, seeds, shell, horn and bone, originated by tribal peoples from around the world. Coco Loco is a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company that works directly with the carvers and artists, taking special care to source natural materials with an environmentalist mindset - finding and making beautiful jewelry out of recycled, salvaged and sustainably harvested materials. Your purchase significantly helps improve the quality of life of traditional carvers, artisans and their families, while preserving their ancestral art and culture.

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