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Desert Lounge Vol. 3 - CD

Desert Lounge Vol. 3 - CD

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Hypnotic, soothing and innovative describe the latest installment from The Desert Lounge, a chill compilation featuring hip tracks from Omar Faruk, Amir Sofi, Whispers from Arabia 2 and many more?

  1. Omar Faruk: I Love You  
  2. Mardo El-Noor: Mesopotamia  
  3. Amir Sofi: Amir (with Magic Fingers)  
  4. REG Project: Tatouage Oriental  
  5. Petrol Bomb Samosa: The Baghdad Groove  
  6. Naked Rhythm: Sundinaya  
  7. Mercan dede: Souffle  
  8. Beirut Biloma: Revived  
  9. Blue Bedouin: Khan Of Asia  
  10. Ozgur Sakar: Abi-l Beka  
  11. Spirit of Dubai: Wonderful Madinat  
  12. Neena and Veena: Wusull lla Baghdad  
  13. Feeraz: Ascension  
  14. Murat Sakaryali: Huzun (Sorrow)  
  15. Maido Project feat. Pierre Baillot Galatasaray  
  16. Baris K vs Husnu Senlendirici: Oyun Havasi  
  17. Whispers from Arabia 2: Arabia Calling  

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