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MJK by Haifa - CD
6093 MJK by Haifa - CD
Junior's Belly Dance or Bollywood Costume - TURQUOISE
6086 Junior's Belly Dance or Bollywood Costume - TURQUOISE
Junior's Belly Dance or Bollywood Costume - RED
6084 Junior's Belly Dance or Bollywood Costume - RED
1Chiffon Belly Dance Skirt with Paillettes - BLACK
2128-Coin Wave Pattern Chiffon Belly Dance Hip Scarf - BLACK / SILVER
3128-Coin Wave Pattern Chiffon Belly Dance Hip Scarf - BLUE TURQUOISE / GOLD
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Egyptian Belly Dance

Modern Egyptian style Belly Dance (also known as Raks Sharki or Orientale), is very popular in the Belly Dance and Middle Eastern communities. With vocabulary that is strongly influenced by Western movement from ballet and jazz, this style is regarded as more elegant and lifted, with smaller, tighter movements. With Egyptian style performances, the dancer typically enters with a veil, and discards it early in the first song. Finger cymbals (aka zills or sagat), floorwork, and props such as swords or fan veils are very rarely used, and the dances are often choreographed or blocked. The costuming is regarded as more chic and elegant, typically incorporating more rhinestones than coins, and little to no fringe or tassels. You may see two-piece costumes with skirts that can be full or straight, or you may see a one-piece cocktail-style dress. This is the style of dance you would usually see in an Arab nightclub or restaurant, often with a live band.

Here our some great items that can help you get started with your Egyptian style Belly Dance library and wardrobe:
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Bellydance Basics - Princess Farhana - DVD
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Bellydance One-on-One: Essential Technique with Virginia - DVD
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Learn to Play Finger Cymbals - Virginia - DVD
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Supreme Shimmies by Amar Gamal - DVD
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Sohaila's Basics to Belly Dancing - DVD
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Magnificent Moves: Egyptian Styling with Zahra Zuhair - DVD
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Virginia Presents Khan Al Khalili by the Al-Ahram Orchestra - CD
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The Essence of Bellydance - Al-Ahram Orchestra - CD
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The Soul of Cairo - Ahmad Gibaly & Orchestra - CD
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Raks Ayoub by Bassam Ayoub - CD
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Leila presents Helwa: Egyptian Belly Dance Music Vol. 1 - CD
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Rhinestone Eye Lid Gems / Liner
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Silk Belly Dance Veil - SILVER
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SAROYAN Nefertiti Finger Cymbals - OUT OF STOCK
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Egyptian Style Modern Oriental with Ranya Renee - DVD
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All About Arms with Ruby - DVD
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Discover Bellydance: BASIC DANCE with Veena & Neena - DVD
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Discover Bellydance Series with Veena & Neena - 3 DVD set
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PETITE 2-Piece Egyptian Style Bellydance Costume - BLACK
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Velvet Deluxe Coin Hip Scarf - BLACK / GOLD
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Mermaid Skirt with Ruffle Side Slit - BLACK
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Some of the most popular Egyptian style Belly Dancers include:

Dina and Leila of Cairo, Virginia, Amar Gamal, Ava Fleming, Jillina, Rania, Zahra Zuhair, Tamra-henna, Neena Nour, Orit Maftsir, DaVid of Scandinavia, Angelika Nemeth