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On Fire by Dabkaat - CD

On Fire by Dabkaat - CD

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Dabkaat - On Fire is a compilation of Dabke songs from Lebanon and pop dance songs in the Dabke style make this traditional dance form more fun than ever!


1Elnagam Wafiek - Dabkaat Nar
2Fares Karam - Wesloh Elarsan
3Mohammed Eskandar - Gomhoryet Kalbi
4Najwa Karam - Belrouh Beldaam
5Mustafa Zamzam - Bent Blady
6Fares Karam - Elghorbah
7Tony Kewan - Yaa Medallah
8Najwa Karam - Khaleny Shoufak
9Mohamed Eskandar - Elargah
10Melhem Zein - Alouah
11Fares Karam - El Tannourah
12Mohamed Eskandar - Dalaounaa
13Melhem Zein - Sheid Elkoudrah
14Fares Karam - Talabna
15Ali El Deek and Dominique - Elnatour

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