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The Belly And The Beat - Turbo Tabla - CD

The Belly And The Beat - Turbo Tabla - CD

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The Belly and The Beat includes 14 new recordings. Each song utilizes the rich and evocative beauty of traditional Arab music. Authentic instruments are used, performed by top instrumentalists and performers. Yet each song is recontextualized into the Techno, House, Hip Hop and Asian Massive genres. The songs utilize heavy and tight dance groves, bass lines and soundscapes. The result is a "Turbo Tradition" where the classic sounds of the East are bolstered for the dance floor.

  1. Turbo Tabla 4  
  2. Tahteeb Diesel  
  3. Stonecutter  
  4. Imlal Ilaqdah  
  5. Irrouh  
  6. Sanadi  
  7. Indiarab  
  8. Saidi Song  
  9. Samai Aryan  
  10. Ashoof Jamal  
  11. Naseeb  
  12. Multiple East  
  13. Zaarathustra  
  14. Banaat Turbo  

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