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The Heartbeat of Egypt - Gamal Goma - CD

The Heartbeat of Egypt - Gamal Goma - CD

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One of the foremost Middle Eastern percussionists, Gamal Goma?s unique style and flavour has become a sensation in the percussion and bellydance world. With the continued success of his hit record Shake Me Ya Gamal, Gamal presents 15 new drum solos inspired by the vast variety of Middle Eastern rhythms from various countries, such as Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

  1. Gabet Al Nour 3:19 Maksum Shobi Maksum  
  2. Bent Al Baghdad 3:16 Shobi Malfoof Shobi  
  3. Dih Oo Bass 2:41 Karachi  
  4. Rannet Al Sagat 3:15 Maksum Masmudi Kibir  
  5. Kawkab Maksum 2:20 1  
  6. Min Zamalik 2:59 Semai Takil Malfoof  
  7. Gild Al Samak 2:40 Sumbati Saudi Ayyoub  
  8. Fadl Al Tabbal 3:10 6/8 Darj Hajjah  
  9. Banat Karioka 2:56 Maksum Shobi Maksum  
  10. Solo Gamalat 3:57 Fallahi Masmudi Baladi  
  11. Souk Al Hrra 3:00 Karachi  
  12. Kooloo Gamal 2:20 Wahde Sumbati Fallahi  
  13. Kashmir Baba 3:28 Rumba  
  14. Jari Hammouda Barsha 2:37 Traditional Song  
  15. Koktel Iskandarani 2:15 Saraban Babmi Maksum  

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