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The Next Level Belly Dance SET - DVD

The Next Level Belly Dance SET - DVD

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Take your belly dance skills to the next level with this set of 4 technique-based instructional DVD's!  Over 8 1/2 hours of instruction!

DVD's included in this set

Embellish your Dance with Amanda Rose

In this DVD Amanda Rose explores leg work, spins, and body extensions to help you to embellish and diversify your own personal style. Learn different leg work stylizations such as flicks and kicks, basic and complicated spins, and body extensions ranging from backbends to side layouts.

Amanda discusses proper technique for each movement and offers drills and strengthening exercises to help you develop the movement in your own body. You will also give life to the movements by incorporating them into several combinations.

120 min.

Meaning in Movement by Alimah

Alimah draws on her musical training to help you extract texture and nuance from the music and infuse it into your dancing. We begin with a healthy helping of tasty and inspiring concepts designed to give your repertoire of movements that special boost. It is followed by an extended flow section that focuses on creative visualization. Then we move on to specific combinations that utilize these unique concepts.

Finally, the combinations are strung together to make a dynamic choreography. Plus, there is over 20 minutes of performance footage from the beautifully inspiring Alimah.

129 min.

All About Arms with Ruby

All About Arms is a complete guide to pathways, flourishes, frames and poses to add polish to your dance. Ruby address the common mistake of using the arms as a disjointed appendage and works with you to build a solid foundation using breath, energetic destination and total muscle engagement.

Over 30 arm pathways are broken down and each section is loaded with tips and tricks to integrate beautiful and creative arms into your belly dance. There is also a bonus "arm puzzle" section, an arm toning section using light hand weights, and a 15 minute live performance.

148 min.

Turn it Up!: Mastering Spins & Turns with Summer Sahar

Turn it Up! by Summer Sahar focuses on the technique and strength necessary to execute tight, controlled, and quick turns.  Summer draws on her training in jazz dance to help you develop the strength and alignment needed to breathe life into your turns.

After sections on turning technique and strengthening exercises, Summer introduces an array of specific turns, including a few ballet turns that can be modified for belly dance.

124 min.

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