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Tribal Starfish Fake Gauge Wood Earrings by Coco Loco - BLACK/BROWN

Tribal Starfish Fake Gauge Wood Earrings by Coco Loco - BLACK/BROWN

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These unique hand-carved faux gauge earrings are great for tribal or tribal fusion belly dance... and also great for casual wear. The various pigmentation on these organic Areng wood earrings show off the natural color tones found on the wood. Although your ear appears to be gauged, these split expanders fit like regular earrings, making them suitable for anyone with pierced ears. When wearing these wooden earrings, be sure to push the sterling silver post all the way into the second half of the earring, at a slight angle. Please remember the fake gauges are not meant for gauged ears.

Coco Loco specializes in hand-carved, organic jewelry made from natural materials such as coconut, exotic hardwoods, seeds, shell, horn and bone, originated by tribal peoples from around the world. Coco Loco is a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company that works directly with the carvers and artists, taking special care to source natural materials with an environmentalist mindset - finding and making beautiful jewelry out of recycled, salvaged and sustainably harvested materials.

Approx. 3.75cm or 1.5 inches diameter

*Please note: This item cannot be returned after purchase.

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