15 Signs You're a Bellydancer
1. You’re easily distracted by anything that sparkles… (especially rhinestones!)

2. You have cats…and they get angry when you practice your finger cymbals.

3. You have a sword in your car and you’re not afraid to use it!

4. You leave a trail of sequins, beads, and glitter wherever you go.

5. Your Facebook feed is full of cute cat posts and friends' bellydance selfies.

6. You have paid for your groceries (at least once) in singles.

7. Your favorite song has “Habibi” in the title.

8. You catch yourself shimmying at odd times like while waiting in line at the grocery store.

9. There are statutes of Egyptian pharaohs/pyramids/camels somewhere in your home.

10. Your definition of “sisters” is the other members of your dance troupe.

11. You have either been to Cairo, or it’s on your bucket list.

12. The perfect Friday night involves chocolate, wine, and dancing with your troupe members.

13. You can balance almost anything on your head.

14. You view every piece of clothing or jewelry as a potential piece of a new costume.

15. You're absolutely fabulous and you know it!