50 All Time Greatest Belly Dance Hits - 2 CD set

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2 CD set, over two hours, 50 All Time Greatest Belly Dance Hits is the ultimate collection of traditional Middle Eastern favorites for bellydancing. From sensual melodies to percussive beats, this comprehensive album is essential for every belly dancer's library. Students, teachers, and enthusiasts alike will enjoy masterpieces from great artists such as Setrak Sarkissian, Dr. Samy Farag, Sami Nossair Orchestra, Said Al Artist, Gamal Goma, and more!

Track listing

CD 1
1. Nawal- Setrak Sarkissian
2. Gizira Band- Gizira Band
3. Solo Badawiyya- Said El Artist
4. Khalaatni Ya Booy- Gizira Band
5. Ya Habibi Ya Ghaybin- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
6. Moghram Ya Leil- Dr. Samy Farag
7. Shuruk- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
8. Ya Samra- Setrak Sarkissian
9. Lissa Faker- Setrak Sarkissian
10.Badia- Sami Nossair Orchestra
11. Kariat Al Fingan-Andelus Ensemble
12. Farhat El Arrous- George Hammad
13. Ishtkatillak- Roger Abboud
14. Aroosa Hilwa- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
15. Sahra- Sami Nossair Orchestra
16. Bal Fala Jamal Sari- Ibrahim Hassan
17. Shlonak- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
18. Fallahin's Dance- Magical Fingers
19. Wedding Tableau- Setrak Sarkissian
20. Salamat Ya Om Hassan- Sami Nossair Orchestra
21. Wusul Ila Baghdad- Basil Moubayyed
22. Ya Dallaa- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
23. Wa Marret El Ayam- Dr. Samy Farag
24. Red Hot Tabla Solo- Dr. Samy Farag
25. Sawwah- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra

CD 2
1. Gamil Gamal- Sami Nossair Orchestra
2. Awazal Falfiloo- Setrak Sarkissian
3. Abart Al Shat- Setrak Sarkissian
4. Ataba Gazaz- Andelus Ensemble
5. Ansak- Setrak Sarkissian
6. Rakset El Ikkaa- Mhamma Johari
7. Ala Rimsh Ayounak- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
8. Min Gheyr Leh- Setrak Sarkissian
9. Sahn Dahn Boo- Sami Nossair Orchestra
10. Samah Innoba- Sami Nossair Orchestra
11. Balady Souher- Ahmad Abdelfattah
12. Raks Balady- Ahmad Abdelfattah
13. Ala Baladi Il Mahboob- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
14. Takasim Wa Angham- Ibrahim Hassan
15. Kaman Al Hob- Sami Nossair Orchestra
16. Naghm Al Kanoun- Sami Nossair Orchestra
17. Ala Nar- Sami Nossair Orchestra
18. Houwa Sahihe- Bassil Moubayyed
19. Hassan Ya Khoulli- Sami Nossair Orchestra
20. Raks Sharki- Sami Nossair Orchestra
21. Ta Mavra Matia Sou- Anto
22. Tabla Solo- Gamal Goma
23. Ya Sari Sara Leyl- Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
24. Al Raks Il Baladi- Setrak Sarkissian
25. Passion of the Drum- Setrak Sarkissian

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