50 Lot Wholesale Belly Dance Chiffon & Coin Hip Scarves - ASSORTED

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Get the party started with these lovely chiffon hipscarves with coins and beads in assorted colors!  Each bundle contains a wide assortment of base colors in both silver and gold coins.  Great for retail, parties, belly dance or Zumba classes! FREE STANDARD SHIPPING to all locations in the United States.

Two options to choose from: A) One Size (all hipscarves are "standard" size S/M. -OR - B) Mixed Size (25 S/M, 20 M/L, and 5 Plus Size) for an additional cost.

S/M: Total width (end to end) 53 - 59 inches; Decorated section 30 - 33.5 inches; Length (NOT including coins) 7 - 8 inches
M/L:Total width (end to end) 83 - 84 inches; Decorated section 35 - 37 inches; Length (NOT including coins) 8.5 - 9.5 inches
PLUS: fits XL/1X-4X - total width (end to end) 86 inches; Decorated section 45 inches; Length (NOT including coins) 9 - 10 inches

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