A Journey Through The Silk Road - Music Museum - CD

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Authentic Traditional Folk Dance And Taksim (Solos) From The Silk Road Performed On Kanoun, Saz, Mey Kaval, Oud, And Dumbek.

  1. Hidjaz Taksim (Kanoun)ÿÿ
  2. In Foreign Lands (Mey Kaval)ÿÿ
  3. Halay Dance (Mey Kaval)ÿÿ
  4. Hussein'S Solo (Kanoun)ÿÿ
  5. Three Face Folk Dance (Saz)ÿÿ
  6. Reminisce With Oud (Oud)ÿÿ
  7. The Return (Ensemble)ÿÿ
  8. Birds In The Sky(Ensemble)ÿÿ
  9. Hijaz Fantasy (Kanoun)ÿÿ
  10. Peshref Veli Dede (Ensemble)ÿÿ
  11. Mahour Saz (Ensemble)ÿÿ
  12. Stood Up Swaying (Mey Kaval)ÿÿ
  13. Rust Taksim (Kanoun)ÿÿ
  14. Welcome The Trainÿÿ

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