Our mission: To be the best part of your bellydance costuming experience by offering a wide variety of great products and excellent customer service.

Bellydance.com is the premier shopping destination for the global bellydance community. Offering something for everyone, from enthusiastic beginners to seasoned professionals, we provide an extensive selection of dance supplies that fit every customer’s needs. Bellydance.com has it all, be it Egyptian, Cabaret, Tribal, Tribal Fusion, folkloric and even Bollywood.

Bellydance.com is the brainchild of the forward-thinking team at Hollywood Music Center, who launched Bellydance.com in 2006. Having conceived and produced a huge catalog of bellydance music CDs and instructional and performance DVDs expressly for bellydancers for over two decades, they sensed the growing worldwide interest in this unique, ancient art form and created a shopping destination to serve the international community.

Housed in a large, well-stocked warehouse in Los Angeles with an inventory that is continuously updated, Bellydance.com has it all from budget-friendly to professional options in a variety of sizes from kids to plus sizes. Handpicked by the site’s discerning buyers (who are dancers themselves!), our inventory is imported from around the globe. We personally visit and inspect our suppliers in the USA, Egypt, India, China, and Turkey to ensure quality standards.

We are grateful to be a part of our local and global belly dance community. We are a proud sponsor of Shimmymob, an annual worldwide belly dance flash mob in support of victims of domestic abuse. You will find us participating in and sponsoring belly dance festivals and competitions around the world as we take joy in getting to know our customers.

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