Al Dunia: Spectacular Bellydance Performances - DVD

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Captivating bellydance performances from Today’s rising stars performing mesmerizing choreographies to authentic music from the finest artists. Dramatic lighting meets custom costumes in this unforgettable live show! 54 Min.

1. Jillina’s Sahlala Dancers: Khdni Habibi
2. Emalee Kuberra: Sharm El Sheik
3. Liliana & Lucy Malacara: Efred
4. Janikea: Aziza
5. Adriane: Rakset Al Mizmar
6. Eleonora: Ana Fi Intizarak
7. Danielle: Ya Bahaia
8. Nabila: Untamed Dancer
9. Adriana Bele Fusco: Gawaher
10. Grinnely: Zay Al Asal
11. Latifah: Aswan Dances

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