Amir Sofi - The Middle Eastern Sound of Glory - CD

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A must have album for any bellydancer! The Middle Eastern Sound of Glory was recorded in Egypt by the El Masia Orchestra and features renowned percussionist Amir Sofi. This album contains 12 new songs with styles ranging from Oriental with full orchestra, to drum solos, to taksims, to pop and tribal-fusion style.

  1. Isis  
  2. Al-Haggala  
  3. Amir  
  4. Amir (with Magic Fingers)  
  5. Whisper  
  6. Lena  
  7. Awaken  
  8. Moonlight  
  9. Hip Trip  
  10. Lena (remix)  
  11. Awaken (remix)  
  12. Amir (remix)  

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