Amir and the Princess: Belly Dance Music by Amir Sofi - CD

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Amir Sofi, world class Middle-Eastern percussionist, is bringing authentic instruments played by the top musicians from Egypt. He has recorded with the best sound engineers from the biggest recording studios from Los Angeles to Egypt.

Working with top belly dancers and studying the body language, this album brings belly dancing to another level with a twist. He has put his heart and soul into this album, which is guaranteed to not only move you but also leave you wanting for more!

Track Listing
  • Amir and The Princess
  • Farha
  • Dalaa el Baladi
  • Amir on Fire "Solo Darbuka"
  • Hiyaka
  • Aghadan Alqak/Ansak
  • Tango/Waltz
  • Holom
  • Passionate Love
  • Laialy

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