Arabian Dance Fever featuring Nagwa Fouad and more - DVD

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World Famous Dancer Nagwa Fouad and Her Troupe Perform to Classic Egyptian Belly Dance. Also Features Fahtiem and Co., Shira, Sa'dia, Layalina Folkloric Dance Ensemble, and Nabila Mitwalli.

1. Nagwa Fouad & troupe perform to Baladi Thriller
2. Nagwa Fouad featuring Fatme Serhan
3. Fahtiem and Co. "Of Veils and Incense"
4. Shira Performs to "Original Melodies"
5. Sa'dia performs to "Hebina"
6. Layalina Folkloric Dance Ensemble perform to "Al Ain Moulayiten"
7. Nabila Mtwalli Performs Cabaret Belly Dance
8. Nabila Mtwalli Cane, Cabaret & folklore

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