With her extensive knowledge and experience in international dance styles, Ava Fleming brings a truly unique and modern approach to the belly dance community.   She is loved by musicians for her ability to perform live and improvise.  Her focus on isolations and music interpretation has captivated audiences here in the U.S. and abroad.  Located in Phoenix, AZ., her teaching and performances throughout the southwestern region, have created quite a demand for her practice of traditional Raks Sharqi.  Her 2004 Bellydancer of the Universe title (Egyptian category) has only furthered her popularity with all who have seen her dance. 

As director, choreographer, and creator of the Black Opal Dance Company, audiences have had the opportunity to see her creative dance style amplified by ten.  Her numerous instructional and performance videos have inspired and challenged many who have taken on the task of studying her elegant example of the modern belly dancer.  Invited to teach at Arizona State University, her classes continue to inspire and encourage many new students to enter the world of bellydance.
The following CD's and DVD's feature Ava:
  • Lights! Camera! Bellydance! (DVD)
  • Lights! Camera! Bellydance! - Experience the passion (CD)
  • Shake it Up! - Exotic Bellydance Performances (CD)
  • Showtime! Dazzling Bellydance Music (CD)
  • Evolution: Tribal Fusion Bellydance Music (CD)
  • See the entire Ava Fleming collection
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