Aside from performing, Aziza brings a bounty of experience and many influences to her teaching style. She has grown rapidly in popularity and is in high demand by promoters all over the world. Aziza's devotion to the art and every student has made her one of the most sough after teachers across the globe.

Though she is regarded as a favorite by those who are familiar with her, she is very approachable. She considers being able to do what she loves for a living, and having the opportunity to help other mid-eastern dance enthusiasts grow a blessing and a privilege which she will never take for granted.

The fluidity and grace of Aziza's movements teamed with seemingly impossible hip locks, endless shimmies, creative veil work, and a captivating smile have earned her accolades worldwide. If you ask any student who has studied with her, the answer why is crystal clear.

The following CD's and DVD's feature Aziza:

  • Aziza Raks! - The Passion of Bellydance (DVD and CD)
  • Aziza's Ultimate Bellydance Practice Companion (DVD)
  • Belly Dance with Aziza (CD)
  • Belly Dance! its best (CD)
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