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BD-TV Belly Dance Television (documentary series) Vol. 1 - DVD

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Video News Magazine Featuring A Spotlight On Ansuya, Rising Stars Urban Tribal Dance Company, Behind The Scenes At Amara's Evening Of Experimental Dance Production, and events highlights.
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Belly Dance Television is a video news magazine that highlights popular and up-and-coming belly dancers and belly dance related events in documentary style format.

Spotlight - Ansuya
In this in-depth interview, Ansuya shares her thoughts on today's hottest topics, as well as insight into her personal life and dance history.

Rising Stars
Heather Stants and Urban Tribal Dance Company, of San Diego, California fuse the past and the future with their innovative Tribal Fusion Belly Dance style.

Hip Tips
Anaheed and Paulina show you how to care for your costume when the party's over. Learn to protect, fold, and store your beloved, but sweaty, costumes!

Feature Story
Amara's controversial production of "An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance." Interviews and behind the scenes with Amara, production staff, and performers, like Desert Sin, Tandemonium and more.

News & Events
Highlights and interviews from: * Festival of Dancing Colors and Gala Show * MECDA's 26th Anniversary Party * Festival Fantasia * IAMED's Sixth Awards of Belly Dance - meet the winners and get a glimpse of each performance at this outstanding black tie affair!

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