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Baklava (Party Mix) CD

Baklava (Party Mix) CD

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Revel in delight and celebrate with sweet sounds from Lebanon, Armenia, Greece, Egypt, Iran and Syria performed by popular artists such as Mohamed Bakkar, Vatche, Setrak Sarkissian, Roger Abboud, Semi Semir and Samir Shukry.

  1. Baklava (Lebanon) Mohamed Bakkar  
  2. Yalla, Yalla Hey (Lebanon) Mohamed Bakkar  
  3. Bosta (Lebanon) Vatche  
  4. Mousa Dagh (Armenian) Arshak Khntirian  
  5. Betwannes Beek (Egypt) Setrak Sarkissian  
  6. Circle Dance (Armenian) Varouj Kalakian  
  7. Salonio (Greek) Vatche  
  8. Ah Ya Zein (Egypt) Roger Abboud  
  9. Bride from Tehran (Iran) Antranik Mouradian  
  10. Zorba (Greece) Robert C.  
  11. Oumi Tanergos Dalal (Syria) Semi Semir  
  12. Jiranem Allah (Syria) Semi Semir  
  13. Aladelona (Syria) Semi Semir  
  14. Mya Mules Pos Magapas (Greece) Anto  
  15. Habibi Ya Eyni (Egypt) Samir Shukry  
  16. Kontrabadsi (Greece) Anto  
  17. Oki, Oki (Greece) Anto  
  18. Shatti Ya Dnyi (Lebanon) Salatin El Tarab Orchestra  
  19. Tamzara (Armenia) Robert C.  
  20. Kochari (Armenia) Artur & Albina  
  21. Al Ayloughes (Armenia) Nor Serount Ensemble  
  22. Faya Mandilik (Lebanon) Mohamed Iskandar  

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