Bangin' Bellybeats: The Ultimate Bellydance Remix Album - CD

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Today's innovative purveyors of sound mix sensual grooves from the East with bangin rhythms from the West to create Bangin' Bellybeats, a total booty shakin' on the dance floor experience!

1. Sidi Mansour (Reggaeton Mix): Drumspyder
2. Desert Escape: Jef Stott
3. Move Your Body: Def Jef
4. Afrah In the Club: Roger Abboud
5. Arabian Impulse: Giacomo Bondi
6. Amor Zamani: Drumspyder
7. Daret Al Ayam: Petrol Bomb Samosa
8. Cosmic Nahawand: Roger Abboud
9. Midnight Trance: Drumspyder
10. Cairo Storm: Charly Abboud
11. Oasis Soiree: Giacomo Bondi
12. Shuruk: Roger Abboud
13. Oriente Allegria: Giacomo Bondi
14. Enta Omri: Roger Abboud

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