Belly Dance Basics Accessory Kit - WHITE
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Belly Dance Basics Accessory Kit - WHITE

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Fast and easy!  This 4-piece belly dancer accessory set is a great way to get your costume started or finished.  Mix and match pieces... wear only one piece, or all at the same time. Perfect for class, troupes, stage... and also makes a great gift!

Set includes: a chiffon hip scarf with coins; two chiffon bracelets with coins; and a coin headband.

Hip Scarf: A bellydance classic, this chiffon hip scarf has 128 coins, with beads and embroidery sewn on in a wave pattern, and is approximately 60 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Chiffon Bracelets: Chiffon fabric over an elastic base makes for a comfortable and adjustable fit. One size - stretches up to 10 inches. Can be worn as bracelets or anklets.

Sequin Headband with Coins: This beautiful and comfortable headpiece is a perfect finishing touch to any costume. One size.

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