Belly Dance Crash Course with Michelle Joyce - DVD

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Belly Dance Crash Course is a multi-level DVD that starts at the absolute beginner level and becomes progressively more difficult. Once you have mastered the basics you will move on to advanced-beginner and intermediate lessons.

For the absolute beginner:

Michelle provides comprehensive breakdown of each movement. She uses her experience as a personal trainer to break down the physiology of the movements and to provide safety tips throughout. She also discusses common mistakes made by beginners.

For the advanced-beginner:

Each of the movements is extensively drilled so you can get it into your muscle memory. During the drills you are encouraged to work at your own level as you are gradually shown more difficult variations.

For the intermediate dancer:

In the second half of the DVD we crank up the difficulty level by putting the movements together into combinations. Each combination is slowly explained, then practiced first to slow music. Once you are comfortable, we pick up the pace and practice it at full speed.

Featuring music from Suhaila Salimpour's CDs

Approx. 90 min.

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