Bellydance One-on-One: Essential Technique with Virginia - DVD

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Join Virginia, world renowned instructor of the ancient art of Raks Sharki, as she guides you through her step by step process of belly dance instruction. This easy-to-learn program breaks down the essential Bellydance movements into four simple sections. Whether you are new to Bellydance, or you have had previous instruction, this program will provide you with a strong foundation, which is the key to enjoying Bellydance. Running time: 70 minutes.

1. Stretch & Warm up
2. Posture & Placement
3. Hands & Arms
4. Slides & Circles
5. Figure 8ís
6. Camels
7. Snaps
8. Shimmies & twists
9. Drops & Pops
10. Egyptian Basic Steps
11. Grapevine
12. Basic Turn
13. Bonus Performance

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