Bellydance Underworld: Tribal Fusion Bellydance Performances - DVD

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Expressive, dark and mysterious define The Bellydance Underworld, a utopia far away from the mainstream where solace is found. Unearth this eerie subculture to discover Tribal-Fusion, Experimental and Gothic Bellydance performances. Rules are broken, authority is defied with unique costumes and sublime music from such talents as: Solace, Mosavo, Maduro, Collide and The Mutaytor.

1. Ariellah: Black - Gothic Bellydance
2. Monica Fernandez: Sonic Jungle Sessions - Tribal-Fusion
3. Mira Betz: Mirage - Dark, Mystic Fusion
4. Ultra Gypsy: Mazamir - Tribal Fusion
5. Sashi: Crushed - Industrial-Gothic Bellydance
6. Kami Liddle: Cybele - Tribal-Fusion
7. The Nekyia: Slinky - Fire Fusion Trio
8. Katie Kay: Karakas - Tribal-Fusion
9. Frederique: Blood Oil Gold - Tribal-Fusion
10. UnMata: Akkadian Penumbras - Improvised Tribal Fusion
11. Tempest: Doomsday Serenade - Gothic Bellydance
12. Elisheva: Rhythm of the Heart - Percussion Fusion Solo

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