Bewitched - Raquy and the Cavemen - Modern Middle Eastern Dance Music CD

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Middle-Eastern drumming sensation Raquy and the Cavemen are a duo who bring hard rock energy to the mystical rhythms of the Middle East. Listeners all over the world experience Raquy's passion for the musical cultures of The Middle East, fused with Liron Peled's hard rock background, and leave them transported, uplifted and full of joy.

1. Saiidi Medley
2. Obama Ayub
3. Metal
4. Dahlradia
5. Maksum Madness
6. Sexy Chifteteli
7. Mukeka
8. Axarai
9. Karsilamagic
10. Bewitched
11. Moody Masmudi
12. Besh

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