Banarsi Lace Up Metallic Choli Bodice  - BURGUNDY / GOLD
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Banarsi Lace Up Metallic Choli Bodice - BURGUNDY / GOLD

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These lovely metallic burgundy / gold patterned choli bodice tops are subtly shiny and have a flattering shape. Perfect for Tribal Bellydance, ATS, and Renaissance / Medieval Faire dancers, or even folk and Bollywood styles. Great for troupes! 5 separate pieces attached with lacing make them fully adjustable to a variety of shapes and sizes. The adjustable lacing accommodates several inches more than measurements listed. Made in India.

Please note: This product is considered slightly irregular because of possible fabric or construction imperfections.

S: Chest - 36 inches; Ribcage - 31 inches.
M: Chest - 37 inches; Ribcage - 33 inches.
L: Chest - 40 inches; Ribcage - 35 inches.

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