Cairo Nights Vol. 6 by Dr. Samy Farag and Hamada El Lithy - CD

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Cairo Nights Vol. 6 presents exciting and beautiful Egyptian belly dance music and Shaabi songs by Dr. Samy Farag and Hamada El Lithy. Recorded in Cairo with some of the top musicians in the Middle East. Great music for listening, dancing, or performance.

1. Mozza Moz (vocals by Hamada El Lithy) 4:35
2. Me El Gamal Dah (vocals by Hamada El Lithy) 5:17
3. Ya Oud Kahraman (vocals by Hamada El Lithy) 5:19
4. Eshta (vocals by Hamada El Lithy) 4:49
5. El Leila (vocals by Hamada El Lithy) 4:22
6. Halawtak Ya Moalem (vocals by Rehab Saleh) 4:35
7. Ya Managua (vocals by Rehab Saleh) 5:09
8. Sultana (Instrumental) 4:57
9. Hawanem (Instrumental) 5:03
10. El Helm (Instrumental) 4:26
11. Mabsouta (Instrumental) 5:15
12. Banat El Iskandaria (Instrumental) 5:22
13. Farasha (Instrumental) 4:43

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