Cairo Nights Vol. 7 by Dr. Samy Farag - CD

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Dr. Samy Farag presents Cairo Nights Volume 7. This CD contains Modern Egyptian Dance Music & Shaabi Songs recorded in Cairo featuring some of Cairo’s finest musicians and vocals by Egyptian stars Osama Abdel Ghany and Nagwan. Enjoy high-quality oriental belly dance music and shaabi pop songs direct from Cairo!

1. El Wad Dah (Vocals by Osama Abdel Ghany) 3:52
2. Walla Meia (Vocals by Osama Abdel Ghany) 3:59
3. Ya Seed El Nas  (Vocals by Osama Abdel Ghany) 5:33
4. Aleih El Awad (Vocals by Osama Abdel Ghany) 5:03
5. Dunia Fak (Vocals by Nagwan) 4:35
6. Bas Bas Sebholi (Vocals by Nagwan) 4:30
7. Ouli Amalak Aih Alby (Vocals by Nagwan) 5:39
8. Helween (Instrumental) 5:12
9. Raks Masri (Instrumental) 5:10
10. Chione (Instrumental) 5:14
11. Queen Sekhmet (Instrumental) 5:14
12. Entesar (Instrumental) 5:11

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