DANSHUZ Canvas Half Body Foot Sole Dance Shoe with Rhinestones - MEDIUM NUDE

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These canvas half body foot sole dance shoes by Danshuz are great for dance class and performances! Made from stretch canvas upper with stitch sole patch, has flat and even hand pleats, and has double elastics that can be placed in various positions of your choice!  Decorated with a single row of delicate rhinestones.

SIZES (Women's American):

XXS fits sizes: 1 - 2.5
XS fits sizes: 3 - 4.5
Small fits sizes: 5 - 6.5
Medium fits sizes: 7 - 8.5
Large fits sizes: 9 - 10.5
XL fits sizes: 11 - 13

*Shoes are true to size, but please note that if you have wide feet, you may need to choose a size larger than your shoe size.

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