Custom Metallic Temporary Tattoo - GOLD HENNA

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Henna made simple! This set of temporary body tattoos is a fast and easy way to get that exotic henna look without all the fuss and mess. The metallic gold finish gives it a modern twist and extra bling. Fun to wear any time... and makes a great accent for stage, parties, clubs and more! (one sheet)

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About Henna (Mehndi): For over five thousand years, henna has served as a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality in the Arab World. The plant has been associated with positive vibes and provides a link to an ancient age full of good and bad spirits. Generations of women have used a paste made primarily of dried ground henna leaves to cover their hands and feet with designs ranging from simple shapes to intricate geometric patterns designed to ward off evil, promote fertility and attract good energy.

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