Dance Like an Egyptian Vol. 5 - Mohamed Shahin - DVD

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Dance Like an Egyptian Vol. 5 by Mohamed Shahin on DVD presents 3 different choreographies, each one with it’s own specific style and feeling.

1. First, you will work with Mohamed on an Oriental Mejance to the song “El-Aamr” track # 4, from Ya Ghazal CD
2. Second, learn a Baladi Accordion piece, to the song “Helw Ya Baladi”, track # 5, from Ya Ghazal CD
3. Third, learn a Classic Shaabi Song, “Adadweeyat”, using a medley of three different songs put together by the legendary Shaabi singer Ahmed Adaweya. Track # 6, from Keda Raksa CD.

Features teaching assistant: Marina Shishkova and Drumming by: Khaled Badawy

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