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Dances of Port Said Vol. 5 - Mohamed El-Bakkar - Belly Dance CD

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Mohammed El-Bakkar and his Oriental Ensemble Present Music of Turkey, Lebanon, and the Middle East from the 60's and 70's, Making His Albums Must Have Classics.

  1. Dari E Yeounik (See and Admire) 3:07ÿÿ
  2. Ish Allamak (Who Taught You?) 3:30ÿÿ
  3. El Hora El Hawara (The Circle Dance) 4:02ÿÿ
  4. Ya Natir (The One Who Waits) 4:55ÿÿ
  5. Ya Noor El Ein (Light of My Eyes) 3:28ÿÿ
  6. Salaam Aleikum (Greetings!) 4:07ÿÿ
  7. Yam Safereen (You Travelers!) 2:45ÿÿ
  8. Mnishebak (From My Window) 3:59ÿÿ
  9. Dabke (Let Us Dance, Dabke) 3:39ÿÿ
  10. Yaboo E Yeoun Asaleya (Eyes of Honey) 3:27ÿÿ
  11. Raks El Dabke (Double String Dance) 3:45ÿÿ
  12. Afrah El Jabel (Mountain Festival) 5:30ÿÿ

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