Deluxe Belly Dance Beginner Set
Deluxe Belly Dance Beginner Set

Deluxe Belly Dance Beginner Set

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Deluxe Belly Dance Beginner Set comes with all your essentials in a great offer that includes:

Belly Dance Hip Scarf (your choice of color): Shake in style with this high quality, imported chiffon hip scarf. Complete with intricate beading and beautiful coins, you won't just look good, you'll sound good. Approximately 60 inches wide and 12 inches long.

DVD: Sadie's Complete Belly Dance Guide - Internationally celebrated artist Sadie brings you this all inclusive guide to the exotic art of belly dance. Develop an understanding of the basic mechanics of belly dance movements or refine your skill and technique with the guidance of Sadie's insightful instruction. From figure 8's to hip isolations, Sadie introduces you to key foundation movements that will help you develop your skill as a dancer. The DVD concludes with a mini drum solo choreography. Great for all levels of experience. Running Time: 130 Min.

CD: Belly dance Oasis - Welcome to Belly dance Oasis, where the sounds will captivate you, and the rhythm will move you. This exciting variety music from across the Middle East is performed by great artists such as The Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra, Hassan Abou El Seoud, Dr. Samy Farag, Said Al Artist, Al-Ahram Orchestra and Cairo Orchestra. Over 70 minutes.

Small Egyptian Finger Cymbals: (your choice of color): Imported from Cairo, these Small Egyptian Finger Cymbals / Zills in Gold are lightweight and offer a clear, crisp sound! 2-inches in diameter. Great for belly dance students and beginners. - Comes in a set of four cymbals, one for each thumb, one for each middle finger.

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