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Drops, Twists & Turns with Sandra - Instructional Belly Dance DVD

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Bellydance Technique and Combinations
Join Sandra in Drops, Twists, and Turns, where she teaches technique and steps for 4 exciting combinations, each with it’s own distinct flavor, including: Turkish, Egyptian, Persian, and Modern Fusion. What they all have in common is that each combination combines a turn, a twist of the torso or an unexpected direction change, a level change, or a complete drop. 
Also included is a warm-up and cool down, extended practice to drill each combination, and a bonus section from the Secrets of the Stage series with tips and advice for live performances.
Features music from:
Naked Rhythm “Frequency”
Cairo Orchestra “Belly Dance Classics”
Roger Abboud “Beirut Underground”

1 hr 43 min
produced by Michelle Joyce
executive producer Mher Panossian

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