Enti Ya Amar: Music for Oriental Dance - Mercedes Nieto - CD

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Mercedes Nieto presents Enti Ya Amar, Music for Oriental Dance recorded in Cairo with the great musicians of the Mounir’s Cairo Orchestra. These selections by Mercedes Nieto are for oriental dancers around the world that are interested in beautiful, mysterious, and passionate belly dance music. Includes a new oriental style routine, new arrangements of eternal legends such as Om Kalsoum, Abdel Halim Hafiz, and Warda, a modern Melaya songs from Alexandria, a Adaweya style shabby songs from Cairo, a fresh new drum solo, and gorgeous tango music with Egyptian flavor. Includes songbook with English translations.

  1. Enti Ya Amar - 7:28
  2. El Ayoun Essoud - 3:56
  3. Darbouka a’la Mony - 3:27
  4. Baladi Ya Oyouni - 4:22
  5. Maddah El Amar - 7:37
  6. Bint El Hitta - 4:20
  7. Wad Ya Manzom - 4:52
  8. Al Atlal - 6:48
  9. Por Una Cabeza (Tango Oriental) - 3:07

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