Exotic Hips: Belly Dance Performances by Rachel George - DVD

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Rachel's Dance was inspired by Aziza in 1995 and Suhaila Salimpour in 2000. Her emotional style combined with an energetic enthusiasm for the art creates a dramatic dance experience. Rachel's ability to interpret a wide array of rhythms is apparent in her ability to execute layered isolations in drum solos and orchestrated melodies. She was awarded Double Crown winner in 1998 and 2002. Running Time 50 min

1. Adawiah
2. Lamma Bada Yatashanna
3. Zeina
4. Banat Iskandariya
5. Rannet al Tabla
6. Aziza
7. Move your Belly
8. Nagwa
9. Bride from Tehran
10. Set Al Hosen

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