Fluid Technique with Zoe Jakes - 2 DVD set

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This DVD explores the linchpin of professional dancing: smooth transitions. Even if you have perfect technique, the skill of seamlessly weaving your movements together is an art unto itself. A polished and professional dancer allows one move to effortlessly flow into the next, creating a fluid dance rather than a laundry list of steps.
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Zoe’s comprehensive Tribal Fusion training program.

Disc 1 is designed for the beginner level dancer, but can also be used as a refresher course for experienced dancers who are looking to sharpen up their technique. Zoe emphasizes the fundamental Tribal Fusion building blocks and lays the groundwork for more advanced modifications.  But make no mistake, just because it is beginner material does not mean that you get to take it easy!  

Disc 2 is for the advanced dancer who wants to challenge their brain, expand their skills, and get their blood pumping.  Both discs have extended sections on arms, upper body, shimmies, over-shimmies, traveling, footwork, and layering.  There is also a long warm up to strengthen and stretch and to develop those long, lean muscles – and there are also several practice combinations.

In all, there is 2 ½ hours of straight, non-stop drilling.  Zoe explains the technique as you are moving, so there is no starting and stopping… just go! Go! Go!

BONUS CONTENT: Zoe takes us backstage with Beats Antique in a debut mini-documentary that reveals the candid, real life experiences behind the scenes.  You will also get to attend a closed dance rehearsal, where Zoe breaks down the choreography for a group of elite dancers who have flown in from all over the country for the big show. There is also plenty of juicy performance footage.

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