Gamylat Al Gamilaat by Virginia - CD

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Virginia presents Gamilat Algamilaat, recorded in Cairo, produced and arranged by Virginia and Yasser Alswery with some of Egypt's most renowned musicians.  Virginia carefully created this recording for bellydancers.  It includes two richly orchestrated Mezances (one shorter version included), classics from Oum Kalthoum, Farid Al Atrash, and Feyrouz,  a new saucy Balady, a Saidi Cocktail mix with a surprise, a dynamic drum solo, and a Romantic sung song as a bonus track. Lyric translation for Esal Ruhak is included.

1. Virginia Gamilat Algamilaat (Mezance)
2. Nasam Alena Elhawa
3. Al Rebi
4. Ana Wenta Fe Shweya Balady
5. Virginia Raqs (Drum Solo)
6. Esal Ruhak
7. Sahar El Layali (Mezance)
8. Saidi Cocktail
9. Virginia Gamilat Algamilat (Short Version)

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