Istanbul Nights: Gypsy Fusion Bellydance Choreography - Ansuya - DVD

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Spice up your dance with Ansuya's signature Gypsy combinations and choreography! Ansuya is considered one of the most talented and accomplished performers, choreographers and instructors in the Bellydance world today. In this video, Ansuya will teach you a cabaret style bellydance choreography with Turkish feeling and Gypsy flair. 80 Minutes.

This DVD includes:
* 9 spicy combinations that build into an entire choreography
* Instruction on technique and stylization
* Learn to play finger cymbals within your choreography
* Put it all together in a follow-along to Istanbul Nights by Bodyshock (see below)
* Watch Ansuya perform the full choreography so you can see what it will look like on stage
* Added bonus: Ansuya's improvised performance in costume featuring technique and combinations taught in this program

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