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Karim Nagi presents DRUM RAQS - Live Drum Solo Method for Dancers & Drummers - DVD

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A live drum solo is a stellar moment between a dancer and a drummer. Together, they create a joyful instance of dynamic synergy & synchronization, which thrills and enchants the audience. But it is challenging to create a spontaneous duet, especially without rehearsal or preparation.
Master Egyptian drummer & dancer Karim Nagi will teach you the secrets for performing an exciting, spontaneous live Arabic drum solo. He’ll explain, demonstrate, and de-mystify all the major recurring drum solo themes. Six world-renown dancers accompany him, illuminating  the various ways seasoned professionals responds to each theme.
Dancers and drummers will learn the intrinsic collaboration of a duet, how to cue each other and improvise together. After working with this DVD, you’ll both be confidently connecting sound to body, in a live drum solo performance that will enrapture audiences.

Sections include:

Malfuf & Hagalla with Princess Farhana
Dumum wa Takat with Courtney
Mastoid Kabir with Nathalie
Hess with Maryam
Saidi, Fallahi & Wanda with Paula
Leading the Drummer with Aubre
Ayoob with Aubre
Special Bonus: live drum solo with Karim Nagi and Ansuya

Produced by Mher Panossian
Directed by Ana Berna

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