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Kurdistan - CD

Kurdistan - CD

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Authentic and Soulful traditional Kurdish dance songs, great for listening or circle dancing. These songs are full of emotion and rhythm, and are among the most popular among the Kurdish people.

1. Zendan - Chmachu
2. Nar Me/Nermane (Medley)
3. Naznake Kez Naznake
4. Nazelchem, Nazelchem
5. Debelur Lurlur
6. Barane, Barane
7. Gulisdane, Gulisdane
8. Khaneme Le Khaneme
9. Halay Zoorna
10. Mejdumane, Mejdumane
11. Busherine Gulnaze
12. Zava Zava Lolo Zava
13. Narem, Narem
14. Kuro Lao
15. Kanun Taxim
16. Malle, Malle
17. Nur, Nur, Nuranem

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