Made In Zanzibar - The Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club - CD

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Made in Zanzibar" is an experimental project, a bridge between East and West, inspired by dancer, Tamalyn Dallal's early years when she performed to both classical and Arabic music. She traveled to Zanzibar and gave one of the islands most famous musicians, Matona, a CD containing several of her favorite classical songs and asked him to use them as inspiration to create music that she could dance to. He blended three songs from Zanzibar's "Golden Age," added an ancient Arabic song from Pre-Inquisition Spain and virtuoso Arabic style instrumental solos to very Zanzibari renditions of Bolero, Scheherezade, Carmen, Dance Bacchanale, and Pachabel's Canon.

1. Scheherezade L'Andalous
2. Carmen in Africa
3. Bolero
4. Dance Bacchanale
5. A Rainy Day in Zanzibar
6. Kanun Solo
7. Violin Solo
8. Oud Solo
9. Scheherezade L'Andalous, extended
10. Carmen in Africa, extended
11. Bolero, extended

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