Masters of Egyptian Choreography Vol. 9 - Yasmina - DVD

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Yasmina, also known as The English Rose of Cairo, has over 25 years of experience in the field of Egyptian Oriental dance as a performer, teacher, and choreographer. After settling in Cairo in 1995, she performed with her orchestra for eight consecutive years, building a reputation as one of the city's best loved dancers. Yasmina appeared at major Cairo venues, such as  the Le Meridien Heliopolis, Safir, Pyramisa, and the Semiramis InternContinental hotels, as well as the Nile Maxim, Tivoli Heliopolis, and hundreds of weddings and parties in Cairo and around Egypt. A longtime student of Raqia Hassan, as well as other Egyptian aster teachers, Yasmina has spent the past decade teaching and performing at sell-out workshops and festivals worldwide, and developing her own unique style. This is a special opportunity to learn some of her signature moves!

Special Features include:
* Detailed choreography instruction to Yasmina's own Oriental opening music
* Full performance of choreography in costume
* An exclusive interview with Yasmina

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